Easter in Europe

Easter in Europe


It’s good to be back on the blog and away in Spain.  I’m writing again, finally, from my balcony in Tarifa in another Cádiz– not the one beside Kentucky lake where I grew up, but in a province of Andalusia.  From here Santiago, seeker in The Alchemist, set out on his adventure. Here I’m taking a much needed break from mine.

As the fog lifts and I listen to waves roll in, I can see Morocco just across the sea. Tarifa to Tangier is a 35-minute ferry ride but tired from travel, I’m ready to finish my spring break relaxing. In the last 13 days I’ve tasted 9 cities (all but one new to me) in 7 countries…posts of all of them to come.

Today I’m simply sharing Easter in Europe…eggs, lambs, baby chicks, churches…symbols of spring and new life.

When I was a child, Easter was boiling, then painting eggs with Mama Lou.  Each one became a fancy ladies’ face with tulip lips, rouged cheeks, bright eyes, and long lashes.  We’d top each girl with a tiny, pink hat, place her in a wicker basket on faux grass, then pose with our pretties by Forsythia bushes, buttercups, and purple hyacinths.  Easter was new dresses and patent leather shoes from J. C. Penney where Mama Sargeant worked.  It was an orchid or gardenia corsage for church from Daddy.  One year it was capes Mommy had tailored for my sister and me.  It was always sunrise service, breakfast, then back for Sunday school and church.

With my kids in Tennessee, Easter was a visit from the bunny, egg hunts, church, and a big lunch–glazed ham with all the fixins’.  We posed for pictures seated on the wicker lounger on the porch or hugged under the dogwoods and beside the snowball bush.

I miss my family this week, but I’m so thankful neither they nor I am ever alone.  Easter to me isn’t just personal.  It’s a person. The ultimate demonstration and celebration of love.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act.”

Whatever your beliefs, I wish you a week blossoming with peace, happiness, and love.  And I hope you find Easter eggs–precious surprises of hope–all year long.

Pretties in Prague…















IMG_6213 IMG_6214

Saint Basil’s Cathedral, now a museum/UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Moscow…


Palatial palace cathedrals in St. Petersburg and Pushkin…

IMG_7694 IMG_7662

IMG_6024 IMG_6022

and buds bursting everywhere…




Sunny smiles in Vilnius, Lithuania…

IMG_5802 IMG_5797


And bagels with eggs and lambkin in Bratislava…

IMG_6242 IMG_6241

PInks and purples in Paris…

IMG_5746yellows and greens in Italy.


Now off to the beach to hunt seashells…and Easter eggs… in the sand.