Travel Writing Courses and Retreats

Travel Writing Courses and Retreats

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Course Description 

Write what should not be forgotten.

–Isabel Allende

Everyone who travels or lives cross-culturally has a story…or two…or twenty. Everyone has a place in the past–a grandmother’s kitchen, treehouse, maybe a precious moment not so long ago– where there was joy, growth, adventure… rest, beauty, or love. Everyone needs an escape sometime to his or her “Happy Place.” Maybe now more than ever.

Whether you’re a novice writer or pro honing your craft, welcome into a community of explorers where you will create a souvenir— a remembrance– of a time too precious to forget. Together we will craft compelling travel tales– personal narratives that inspire and transport the group–by capturing the essence of place, telling our best stories, and sharing takeaways from our experiences.

We’ll analyze works of master travel writers who infused elements of journalism, personal essay, narrative, and poetic prose. We’ll nurture curiosity and creativity with artist play dates, practice journaling and photo walks for recording future adventures, and excavate treasures now from our own backyards. You’ll be given tools to draft and revise and feedback from one another throughout the process. As Dr. Seuss said: “Oh the places you (we) will go!”

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