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Well, a friend called me a salsa dancing writer.  The title is now official.  Thanks to those who followed yesterday’s link to  I became the #1 ranked Examiner in Nashville on my first full day on the job.  Based on number of views, I also placed 3rd in the nation in the Arts and Entertainment category–bested only by the LA and NY Celebrity Gossip Examiners.  Emails came poring in, and as a result, I have 3 interviews scheduled and just finished another this afternoon.

While I’ll continue to write on other topics, as I pledged on my January 1, 2009 post I’ll tell you my Salsa Saga–a quest to be a Renaissance Woman/Dancing Queen which sometimes goes Monty Python.  I’ll post links to the Nashville Examiner site so you can read about some interesting people I’ve met as part of the Nashville Latin Dancing scene.  The marriage of two of my greatest passions–dancing and writing has made me very happy this week.

Based on the stock market today, coworkers at the lunch table were wondering when we’ll hit bottom so we can start climbing back up.  Every magazine suggests ways to tighten our budgets–to find creative and inexpensive ways to enjoy life for less.   There’s no better time to share with my readers how even a traveladdict like me has found cultural diversity, escape, community and fun in my own backyard.  Even if salsa isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be inspired by people pursuing their passions and nudged into chasing your own.  I promise.

Cindy McCain

A Southern Girl Gone Global, I believe God calls us to journeys to find our way home--to the person He created us to be. In 2014 I left my empty nest and flew away, too. I landed in Africa. After two years in magical Morocco and one in the Caribbean, I moved back to Nashville where I tell tales from 27 countries travelled, look forward to the next trip, teach, learn, and discover new treasures everyday in my backyard. This travel/lifestyle blog is about letting go of fear, clinging to faith, and following your heart's desires. It's a celebration of beauty, adventure, and relationship. It's about freedom found in roots and wings.

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