October Poem

2nd Mortgage

Gold, Amber, Orange
Still supple
Silently parachuting
To green ground.

Sun will weather to leather
brittle and blown
across the frost-browned yard
leaves which smother summer.

Finches frenetic in their fanfare to fall
in cacophony
Mockingbirds, robins and wrens.

Furry- tailed bandit
Lands on the awning
Then leaps
to the deck
ducking Precious.

Halloween black
Hen- on- a- nest
Curled in fur against the dew-glazed morning
Persian too timid to do more
Than watch in wonder.

Having ravished my lettuce and pillaged my pansies
Seeking at their roots a place of safekeeping
The squirrel scrams
When he sees me.

Still I swing.

Last summer in school-free heaven
Today a worshipped Sunday
wrapped in Mama Sargeant’s quilt
coffee steaming from china
not chugged from a thermos.

Last night I was a genie
Today I ask God to grant me three wishes
and a place to live
in passion and purpose.

Cindy McCain

I'm Cindy McCain, Southern Girl Gone Global, who flew from my empty nest to write/teach for three years in Marrakesh, Morocco and the Caribbean. Now back in Nashville, I'm sharing tales, tips, and takeaways from exploring 27 countries and finding treasures in my backyard. My blog offers itineraries, travel/hospitality reviews, and inspiration for letting go of fear, holding onto faith, and finding freedom in roots and wings. Featured in Yahoo!, US News and World Report, Expedia, Orbitz, StyleBlueprint, SheKnows.com. Named a Top 35 Baby Boomer Blogs 2020-2023 and a Top 50 Travel Blog of 2016.

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  • October 21, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    Love love love this month’s post–what an insightful poem! Thank you for sharing——–tammy g      


    Tamara Gentuso Freelance Photojournalist


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