Staycation Stop #5: Jaunt in Germantown

Holding tongs with pinky extended, Aunt Cat would fill glasses from the ice bucket, offering us Cokes, coconut macaroons, Fig Newtons, and shortbread cookies with chocolate icing. Classic treats made special by a silver tray.

Something about Germantown reminds me of those genteel weekends in Gracey, Kentucky. It also transports me to adult getaways in Savannah and Charleston.

Summer 2010…Staycation in Nashville…Stop #1

Many I know will be doing staycations…due to the national economy and Nashville’s recovery. So in the spirit of making lemons into Lemon Thyme Martinis (a specialty of my friend Kim) and because I’ve always told my kids there’s too much to learn and enjoy to ever be bored, I’ll be sharing local treasures I’ve found on my quests for Fun in the Sun.