Staycation #12: The Beauty of Belcourt

Staycation #12: The Beauty of Belcourt

It’s cool to be one of the Village People…sans YMCA hand motions. Whether you’re high art, low brow, or slapstick… Steve Martin, Prince or Igor Stravinsky, Belcourt Theatre, Nashville’s most majestic and eclectic art house, has patrons still huddling round the hub of its culture and history. Dating back to silent films in the 20s and Opry performances in the 30s Belcourt has provided the Nashville community entertainment value.

Whether you’re left Breathless by Bombay Bellywood, Coco Chanel, or Mrs. Robinson, a variety of memberships reduce admission on the live theater, music, and films offered. Belcourt has survived and thrived as one of the last operational neighborhood theaters in the US. Distinguished by its non-profit agenda, it is still the cool place to go—literally—on a hot summer afternoon (where a patron can pick up a cool one with popcorn at the Belcourt Bar).

Tonight, as part of the Second Saturday Outdoor Cinema you can catch The Jerk on the parking lot out back. But if humidity or rain drives you inside, there’s Monty Python and the Holy Grail next month. Meanwhile…
for those tonight who prefer seeing the landscape of Nice and Milano to feeling the Tennessee heat outdoors, I Am Love is playing tonight in one of the auditoriums. I saw it yesterday and given I was both places last summer and rarely miss an Italian film I’ll be blogging about it next…Stay tuned.

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The theater below is in my hometown, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Belcourt reminds me of The Princess, and though I was surprised this summer to see a sign of the times below, I’ll always remember it as the place I first saw Rhett kiss Scarlett.