Staycation Stop #4: Shopping In Style

Dr. Leah M. Heyman aka Miranda

Justine (Charlotte), Sonya (Carrie), Me (Samantha)

Another sign of summer is having time to see Sex and the City 2( X 3), to turn on the television, and to savor serendipity.

Two days ago I switched on Oprah and caught Rita Wilson giving fashion consultation to women of all ages. The day before I had met a new friend for lunch, Dr. Leah M. Heyman, “The Shopping Doc,” and decided to write a post on her services as wardrobe consultant and personal buyer. Staycation stops are ways to treat yourself right here in Music City. For those wanting a fashion update or too busy to shop for bargains for family and friends, help is here. And for a lot less than you’d pay Mrs. Tom Hanks…

I met Leah through a mutual friend, photographer/model, Sonya Stanley. We were to walk the Pink Carpet at Sexy for the Cure as the SATC crew for a good cause and in celebration of Sonya’s birthday. Our entourage consisted of the Birthday Girl as Carrie, her boyfriend, Jason, as Mr. Big, Justine as Charlotte, Milton as Stanford, Leah as Miranda (who had changed her hair color for the part), and me as Samantha. Everyone was pumped–especially Leah who had been suffering with chronic illness and was ready for a night out with friends.

Sadly Leah didn’t make the event. Hospitalized again, she was disappointed to miss Sonya’s party. She also said she missed seeing the movie…that she had looked forward to seeing the fashion.

No doubt many with a passion for fashion flocked to see the Manhattan Mavens strut their stuff. While critics scoffed at stilletoes sinking in the desert sand, Leah loves a parade of shoes wherever she finds one. At last count she has 200 pairs in her closet. While this may seem extravagant to some, Leah’s a bargain shopper—for herself and her clients.

“Before I meet someone for a wardrobe consult I choose several fashion magazines and ask them to circle everything they like. If they hire me as a buyer, I ask them to list the items they need. We are clear on their budget. I shop for sales so they get the best bang for their buck.”

When I asked where she begins, she said, “Macy’s clearance racks. They also have coupons for additional savings and a great return policy.”

I asked how a PhD in Nutrition and an ND in Naturopathy became a personal shopper. She said it started years ago when she was in France with the Sister Cities program. When fellow travelers couldn’t shop because they didn’t speak French, she was the go-to girl. She still is for clients across Nashville.

Her busiest time is Steeplechase when she dresses women and calls on her designer friend, Justine Sylvie, to make them hats, as the one Sonya wears below. Though Leah says Sonya needs no help with knowing what she likes, just yesterday Leah showed the professional photographer new places to shop to fit her personal style.

So if you need a second opinion on what not to wear but none of your girls are as candid as Miranda, Leah can tell you what the doctor orders.

For more information contact “The Shopping Doc” at

Sonya and Jason at Steeplechase 2010.

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    Fabulous article Cindy (aka “Samantha”)! Thank you for including me in it… I love reading your work. Kudos!


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