Cindy McCain – Lost in Morocco

I had the privilege to tell my story (reblogged below) last Monday at Tenx9 Nashville. This monthly storytelling event, started in Belfast, Ireland, is something I look forward to since storyteller Amanda Bloomer (my friend, fellow educator, and former student) invited me in February. Tenx9 is based on a simple structure–nine storytellers, each sharing their stories on stage in less than ten minutes on a common theme.

The free event is structured in 3 sets and ends with Bob McRay’s understory of the night–always a treat–and the announcement of next month’s theme. If you’re in Nashville, join us. Details on how to submit a story for consideration are here.

Michael McRay brought the event to Nashville in 2013, and the community it has created reached a record number last Monday packing Douglas Corner. We laugh and cry and left knowing we’re not alone. The tie that binds us is a poignant truth: “Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireas na daoine”…“It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”

Stay tuned for links to the podcast at Tenx9 Nashville and iTunes.


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